Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Maybe I should say its biweekly?

   Missed another one, SIGH. Anyway I have a reason for this though it is slightly lame as far as excuses go. I "had" to muck around in my computer. See as I have posted my old computer died so I got my dad's old computer which all that was wrong was a few viruses. A reformat later and that wasn't a problem but it only had 512Mb RAM or if you prefer half a Megabyte. This is because when it became my dad's old computer I scavenged the RAM from it for my old computer and put my old stick in it as I had no need for it. I found out when trying to do homework for my programming class that half a gig is not enough RAM to have both Firefox and Visual Studios open without the computer freezing...   yeah had to fix that. Long story short I got distracted in my computers insides but now have a gig and a half RAM or to put it in perspective I tripled my RAM but I still have less then half what my new new computer would have if it wasn't broken.
   Yeah the new computer my dad got me was broken on arrival. At first we thought it was the graphics card but it wasn't and the tech person on the phone thought it was probably the motherboard. Luckily the people that made it are going to fix it and we don't have to pay shipping.

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