Sunday, November 6, 2011

I got nerfed quicker then expected

   Not much today beyond a ankheg followed by three cockatrices. The ankheg went down just after I used expansion but luckily it had a couple minutes for a duration so it lasted for the next fight. Anyway for the nerf what happened was that I can't use a trip attack as an attack of opportunity. The DM just said no the second he realized that my it was likely my character was going to completely lock down all three cockatrices that he sent against us by never letting them stand up. Of course we still dominated them as they only have such a high CR because of their gaze attack. Me being in front and large meant that I was the only target and only one managed to hit me and I got a 28 on my fort save. I actually only needed to roll a 4 and I would pass the save so it was not really going to get me barring bad luck anyway. With the trip nerf of course I will have to redesign my later levels but thats okay as I don't think the trip attack was going to be sustainable. I still plan to get the feat that gives me AoO even when a caster is casting defensively and I still am having the artificer in the group making an item that lets me go large as I want as it works with my setup even without the uber trips so nothing really changes though I probably will see if I can change out the feat imp. trip to something else as I don't really need it anymore. Now that I think about it nothing really is changing that much anyway as more then half my build is still valid, I just have to change the trip elements to something else.

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