Monday, March 25, 2013

Sharpened Keep on the Borderland Cave Map

   I looked around for a nice map of the Caves from the B2 as it seemed like a nice place to have ready if I ever get a chance to run an older edition game and did not find one that fit my requirements. This was unsatisfactory so I took the best one I could find on the net and converted it to black and white then sharpened the image so it would print out better on my colleges B&W only printers (free > color). Of course doing this did not make any of the numbers and other things visible so I also went and hand fixed those things. Most of the things where easy but some points such as area g in the B cave was hard to even figure out what it was at first. Mostly because it used a lower case g which pixelated badly. Those I denoted with a little A then the the g and the print out, even on a single sheet of paper it seems to have looked good enough to use. Anyway here is the picture:
B2 Caves Map