Sunday, September 11, 2011

Frogs, Lots of Frogs

   The group fought as you might guess from the title, Frogs. Not ordinary frogs but a swarm of frogs though not a swarm as in swarm rules but swarm as in the DM wanted up to fight a couple hundred frogs at once but not have us take for ever killing one a turn. Basically it was some figures on the field that each represented twenty five frogs so if you did a lot of damage you killed a lot of frogs.
   During this fight we found out something interesting about the party. Almost everyone uses a reach weapon of some sort and has decent AC. The "swarms" had a move of 5' so we basically hacknbacked them to death.
   Oh yeah I ended last weak with us being captured so I guess that should be explained huh. Anyway we woke up in a cell which could magically silence us and freeze in place so we are stuck there. The people keeping us prisoner are using us as test subjects and the frogs where a test. After the little frogs we where given the option to return to the cell or stay outside so of course we stayed outside.
   This meant a fight with two Dire frogs. We managed to not get hit once except when the cheating frog the everyone but one person who tanked the other exploded and caused a good amount of damage. Of course even badly damaged we cleaned up the last one easily. After this we decided to take the go back to the safe jail cell option. When there we got healed back to full by the jailor dragonborn guy and then sent to a "town".
   The town was just a place to keep other people like us captive so not really that much besides an adventure restock place. We also acquired a keep of significant size. I got to play my cleric as very picky about his religion. Though in the end everyone will be getting exactly the room they want as the place is like a mix of a tardis and a haunted house with a little bit of magical experiment gone wrong thrown in to sweeten the deal. Lots of fun and next time we probably get to fight what would classify as a boss level monster. The DM based it off frogger so who knows what will happen besides that we are fighting a frog.

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