Sunday, September 4, 2011

Woot! Back to actually playing D&D

   Well we finally started the new campaign today. The guy that was playing the odd half a lot of stuff Sorcerer from the last one is now DMing. For this session we basically just had a short little pregame meet and greet for our characters...   Or more properly while I am sure we would have greeted each other instead we get sleeped as part of the plot when fighting some things so we could be captured and put into where the real campaign will be happening.
   Each person has two characters with 4 humans, a gnome, and a...   Kender...   Yeah, a Kender. Anyway we all started somewhere in a town that is getting overrun and we are the good guys and yet who we are fighting are dragonborn, the reborn children of Bahamut, you know the Dragon God of Good. We manage to kill one and we will be waking up somewhere else with all of our stuff and a shiny new level so I guess technically we are starting the real campaign at level 2. Here is what my guys where at level 1 and what they will be once leveled up:

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