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Labyrinth Lord Cover to Cover: Part 17, pages 63 to 103

For this series of posts I will be using the free PDF of the 
Labyrinth Lord rules that can be found Here at Goblinoid Games
This is the seventeenth part of a series, here are the links to the 1st, 2nd,
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   Oh the coincidence, entirely by accident I am posting about monsters on Halloween. Now sadly I won't be going over EVERY monster in the book as that would be going to far but I will cover a few of the monsters that happen to catch my eye.
   First up is the Basilisk, the might beast with a stoney gaze. A classic creature to avoid death from being stoned you need to not do drugs look away. Doing so of course gives a -4 penalty to hit or just -1 if you are viewing it through a mirror. If you do look at it or happen to touch it though you need to make a save versus petrify or be turned to stone.
   The blink dog, an interesting creature that hunts in packs. They actually have their own language! To attack they port next to you and then once they have attacked blink away which is quite mean. They are Lawful and intelligent so it should be possible to negotiate if you can speak the language.
   Dragons   <== thats about all I should really have to say. Ancient, highly intelligent, and long-lived they are one of my favorite creatures ever and I would not mind being eaten by one if it meant I could meet it and talk to it some.
   Another type of monster that I like is Elementals. In LL they only come in four flavors Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Thats fine though as any of the later additions kind of reduce their primal image. These are beings made of one of the four base elements and they deserve a little more then given.
   Gelatinous Cube is almost a trap instead of a creature but we love it all the same. This nearly transparent cube of jelly is the most iconic of the slimes. It manages to in general be exactly the right size to fit in a dungeon corridor though the book does add that larger ones are not unknown so you can really take the party by surprise in that 20' corridor.
   The lowly Goblin is next on my list. I actually like them though it might just be from Magic the Gathering. They are a little generic so I would have them be like the Kamigawa Goblins who where called Akki and had turtle shells on their back. Now that is just what I would do, there are enough takes on them in mythology that if you don't want the generic version a little research will be able to revive the species.
   A nice flying mount is next up. Of course by that I mean the Hippogriff which if caught young can be trained to be flown. Its how you fly in style if you don't like the idea of a winged horse.
   Now for the Kobold to shine. Of course they are "dog-like" in LL but I have always like the idea of them being reptilian. This might of course be connected to them also being portrayed as somehow descended from dragons so it was a way in 3.5 for me to play something close to a dragon in a way that worked for me. See also "Tuckers Kobolds".
   Men, truly the worst monsters out there! They come in a number of different flavors including Berserker, Brigand, Pirate, Merchant, and Nomad. Quite a fearsome array!
   Phase Tiger...   yeah, six legged, intilligent tiger-like beings who look like they are 3' away from where they actually are. Also of note is that they hate blink dogs and will kill any they happen to encounter. They also have reptilian whips growing out of their shoulders which reveals that they seem awfully like displacer beasts which happen to not be in the book. Maybe the two things are connected?
   Rats, whether ordinary or giant have been killed so many times in both pnp rpg and crpg games that its a surprise any exist at all. I swear that it must be some kind of requirement to being a roleplayer that you kill something like 2d6 rats.
   Next is the fighter-bane that is the Rust Monster. This metal eating monstrosity came about because Gary had a weird looking toy and made stats for it. Thats right, your fighter just lost his magic sword and his full-plate armor because of a toy!
   Trolls, Trolls, and more Trolls, better hope you have some fire or acid. Annoying buggers that don't really die until one or the other is applied to them as they will just regenerate till healed. Luckily any moderately prepared party should have some flint and steel along with a torch or two so as long as they think of it once the trolls are down they should be able to keep them down.
   And to wrap this up the Whale. More specifically the Narwhal and not the Killer nor the Sperm Whale. This is because for some reason the Narwhal is a Lawful creature unlike the other two which are just Neutral. Of course further reading reveals that they are like the unicorns of the sea and are highly intelligent. Their horn is magic and it is rumored that if severed it will vibrate in the presence of chaotic or evilly intentioned creatures and even if the rumor is not true the horn is still valuable for the ivory.

This is the seventeenth part of a series, here are the links to the 1st, 2nd,
3rd,  4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th parts
Labyrinth Lord rules that can be found Here at Goblinoid Games

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