Sunday, January 8, 2012

Splitting the party

   Literally splitting the party in this case. We just have too many people playing and too many who want to play. I will be taking the group who is mostly the experienced players as I am a new DM so its not going to affect me that much. The other DM is going to be the original guy who has mostly DMed up until now. I don't really know what this will end up doing to the group but since we will be playing on the same day and time I don't think it will break us up and honestly unless the new people stick with it we will probably shrink back down to the old group plus maybe one or two people.
   Speaking of losing players we lost the girl from the BESM campaign as life got too busy recently. I don't know if this means the end of the BESM game because  she was the reason for it or if it just means well I don't know what else if might mean. I like BESM and had finally figured out what I wanted my character to specialize in but I won't be that sad to see it go and if it does that will probably mean my game will be every week instead of every  other week. Ah well, life goes on.

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