Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wolves and more wolves, or how I terrify my players

   First off let me tell you how the group has decided to do our campaigns. As it stands we lost 1 person from D&D and 2 from BESM but we got someone new for D&D. Since everyone in the BESM game is in the D&D game we have decided that whenever the odd man out who is only in the D&D game is present we will be playing my campaign. I of course was totally unprepared to DM today so it went quite well except for the first little bit.
   We had a little problem to begin with as one person did not have a character yet and another person did not bring theirs but the one borrowed a character someone else had on them and the other knew enough to put theirs onto paper quickly so that worked out. This of course means that next week instead of a fighter there will be a ninja but whatever. Once the game actually started they went to town and sold stuff then a 3 of them loaned money to another so they could have plate. This of course managed to split the party. The rock goblin to start with did not even go to town, the guy getting plate needed time to have it fitted and the cleric turtle did not want to go to a tavern so went with him. The last 2 decided a tavern was a good place to go. Predictably one of them got totally wasted. This of course means I ended up with only one person doing something interactive with me. He benefited quite a bit from this though I won't say more as I don't know if any of them will be reading this or not. Anyway he got the quest for them. A goblin who was horribly disfigured told them where to find some treasure he hid and said they could have 10% of it if they get it for him as he could not leave the town because of something.
   They decide this sounded grand so they went home first then onto the cave. Not much to say about the cave. It was one of the small maps I think I posted here at some point and there was not really anything to it except a hidden area. What I decided they would fight is 10 wolves but I could not just throw all of them at the party at once so I did something slightly different. I decided they could handle 4 wolves at a time so whenever they killed one I would have another wolf join the fray after the last wolf moved. This of course was interesting as the first time it caught the players off guard and the wolf was able to get right at the sorcerer. After that when they kept coming the party really got worried. Even though in the end they killed them all easily enough the worry that they would keep coming was quite strong until they finish exploring the dungeon. I was also able to easily explain why the wolves would have treasure. They did not have any, the treasure that go rolled was the 10% they where allowed to keep though I made sure to ask if they wanted to try to keep more. Overall it was a good session and I hope that I can keep it up.

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