Sunday, March 18, 2012

Interesting fix/nerf for my Soulbow's Saves

   My character is broken. Almost completely broken in the most amazing way. One way he is no longer broken is his saves which I am actually fine with. The godly saves was actually and accident on my part because for the first six levels only one class did I take twice and that was Soulknife so I could qualify for Soulbow. This meant that without trying my Fort save was +8 and my Reflex save was +9, of course with a wisdom of 28 my will was up there at +18 but when your stacking a stat like that it is to be expected. Anyway long story short the DM did not like that even  my worst save was better then some of the other players' best saves. He figured out a good solution for this as well along with improving my base attack bonus. My saves where broken because of having so many classes (same with the BAB but in the wrong way) so he figured out how to normalize it. To put it simply he just looked at how quickly saves and BAB advanced and that is what I got. For saves there are only 2 kinds, good and bad. If a save has a bad progression then for that level you get 1/3 of a point, for a good save its a little trickier if only because first and second character level (not class) you get 2 then 1 and from then on you get 1/2. Saves round down of course. This mean that my Cloistered Cleric 1/Soulknife 2/Fighter 1/Monk 1/Soulbow 1 my saves before stat bonuses was Fort 4, Reflex 3 1/3, and Will 5 1/3 which was a lot more in line with what everyone else had. Of course lets not forget BAB which has 3 different advancement speeds good, average, and bad. A good one advances +1 every level, and average one advances +1/2 every level, and a bad one advances +1/3 every level so my character ended up with 4 1/6 (remember Cloistered Cleric has a bad progression). Of course I lost more then I gained and would definitely revert back to the old way in a moments notice though thats just because of how broken my guy is in combat. The worst bonus to attack I can have if within 30' is now 17 where before it was a 15, not much difference though it does mean I can potentially get a +21 to attack but really most of what we fight I just have to roll to make sure its not a 1. Also we just went up a level which is nice though it did not do all that much for me. Its next level I look forward to because of how our group does stat increases which is you get +2 instead of +1 to a stat. Everything I do in combat is based off of Wisdom so basically next level I get +1 to hit, to damage, and to AC automatically. Also my BAB goes up 1 but until it hits +6 where I get another attack at +1 I don't really notice it that much, I mean really whether I am adding +20 or +21 to my roll is meaningless when anything but a 1 is a hit but when suddenly its a +22/+17 then it matters. Combine that with my making it so I can use flurry with my Mind Arrows means that in reality it would be +20/+20/+15 which matters quite a bit, especially when the damage I do is 1d6+1d4+14. Now the 1d6 and 1d4 are a little boring and I don't really care about them and would replace them with a solid plus instead of a random number its the +14 that I like as its dependable. So yeah, I broke my character and the DM is slowly fixing him though I don't think it can be done that easily especially since I am only about 3k gold away from upping my Periapt of Wisdom from +2 to +4 and thus at level 8 I will almost definitely have a Wisdom of 32 and as I said before, everything I do in combat is powered by my Wisdom.

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