Thursday, November 11, 2010

GROGNARDIA: A Chainmail Oddity

Over at Grognardia today James Maliszewski posted about how in Chainmail, magic weapons where listed under Law but not under any of the other alignments. I made a comment though now that I look it over it seems a little disjointed. My main point though is that Law and Chaos are not Good and Evil in the days before there was Good and Evil alignments. Law is just another way of saying order and I say it takes order to make objects. The example I use in my comment is "I can hit iron with a hammer all day but that wont make a sword let alone a Damascus steel blade." and I stand by it. It takes more then a chaotic force can provide to make quality items.
Another thing is that a Magic weapon takes time to make. A good blade is not a day long project, the now famous Japanese swords could take between two weeks to many months to make and required multiple people just to forge them. If it took that much just for a single high quality sword to be made what must it take for a truly magical blade to be made? Do you really think that a group of chaotic people could truly stay focused on a sword long enough and not squabble with each other to complete such a weapon when we may be talking years of time to complete just one sword?

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