Saturday, November 6, 2010

Its not Dungeons and Dragons but...

    So tomorrow  I am playing World of Darkness as a Mage. Now I personally tend towards Dungeons and Dragons but I can never find a campaign that I can join. Its actually ironic because I was able to join the WoD campaign because they where just starting it after finishing a D&D campaign. My group consists of 3 Mages and a Geist for some reason not that I am complaining.
    I was not originally going to be able to join it but circumstances  allowed me to slip in. They had already done the first game session. Two of them went to a bar with the usual background color plus a very well described npc(Very well described, as if she had stats or something!). The third was a cop who was just off giving tickets or something. The action started when a Vamp appeared in the corner of the bar and another came in the front and promptly plugged the pre-Geist in the back of the head with some bullets. The Very well described npc then shot that vamp and managed to be incredibly lucky for the whole of the fight. The Vamp from the corner preceded to gut the pre-Geist with his claws while the pre-Mage found out stun guns do not work on Vamps. The Cop shows up then with another npc who is also Very well described and decked out in full riot gear. The Very well described cop then preceded to kill steal knocking both the Vamps out with his baton even though he only did maybe 2-3 bashing each.
    Before this I had not even known any of the rules or anything about WoD but it seemed fun so over the intervening week I learned how to play by reading through not only the base settings book but also the Mage and the Geist books as well. Last Sunday I went back to listen in on them playing again but the player with a cop was going to be late so they let me use the Mage character I had made for fun till he got there but when he got there no one said anything and now I am in the group.
    For those wondering how last weeks game went, what happened was I started as a Forest Ranger and was attacked by Vamp Minions but the other players showed up at the scene right when I got knocked out. They where doing good till a couple of Vamps showed up, one with a gun and another with an axe. Things where not going so well though the healer was able to get me back up on my feet till Another Vamp showed up who was giant sized with some weird sword called a Zweihander and started cleaving the enemy Vamps. The fight ended and another Vamp showed up who persuaded us to let them take the 2 knocked out Vamps so they could be properly "dealt with" for going against them.
    A specific group of Vamps are the bad guys and the plot is that this group of Mages that me and the other players joined as well as the bad Vamps have devices that let them detect Mages about to awaken so the Vamps try to kill them while we try to save them.  Also the 2 vamps in the first session and the second are the same ones, they had just managed to disappear when our backs where turned in the bar.

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