Monday, November 8, 2010

World of Darkness session 3 overview

    This weeks session went well. Not much got done though we where able to go and see the 2 Vamp's trial by the local Prince who is apparently the one who met us and took them away after the giant sword Vamp guy beat them up. The 2 criminals where hung upside down and gagged then their crimes where read to them and once they where all read the prince asked them if they had anything to say...   being gagged of course made the chances of that nil. Then they where tortured for a couple hours until everyone but my group and the Prince and bodyguard left. The Prince went to an alcove that would not be in the sun to witness the death by sun of the 2 criminals.
    Not much other than that happened though somehow we all ended up making sandwiches to see who did better in the time before the trial. I only had 2 success but was better then some, though the winner was  5 success. The session was fun and many jokes where had out of character but most where in jokes or situational and we did a lot of Magic the gathering in between it all.

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