Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cool wizards and conquering the world one city at a time

   We managed to conquer another city in which the magical macguffin that will unlock a prestige class for one of our party members resided. We still have to actually go dungeon crawling to find the thing but whatever.
   The way we did the combat for army versus army was not at all in-depth but was quite fun. We "found" a bunch of gold on the battle field which we promptly dumped most of into repairing the defenses there. Overall it was fun and we did actually meet the enemy general and beat him. It was about as fair a fight as any three on one fight can be where they are all the same level.
   An interesting thing we have is that the wizard from the tower from before now makes magic stuff for us. 1000gp of magic junk a turn. The first stuff we had him make was a couple lesser Iron Ward Diamond augment crystals. At 500 a pop we got two so that was nice. To be able to use them I also upgraded to Masterwork Full Plate. The crystal gives a DR of 1/- and absorbs 10 points of damage before it becomes inert till the following day. Once I get some magical pluses on my Plate I plan to upgrade my crystal. Least versions cost 2k and provide DR3/- for up to 30 damage and Greater does DR5/- for up to 50 damage. The DR also stacks with other sources of DR so when I upgrade to Adamantine the DR3/-  will stack on.
   I plan to make a new character to fool around with. He is going to be a soulknife going onto soulbow at 5th level. Of course because it will be going for ranged combat the first few levels the guy will suck. At first unless he buys a ranged weapon he will be going off of 12 strength. Second level soulknives can throw their blade so he gets to use the 14 dexterity and finally at third level I take the feat Zen Archery which will finally let him use his 18 wisdom. Why wisdom? A soulbow does extra damage using wisdom so by making him also aim with it then its the only stat that needs to be improved and seeing as the DM lets us get +2 to a stat every four levels instead of just +1 this is quite a powerful thing.

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