Monday, June 13, 2011

Labyrinth Lord Cover to Cover: Part 4, pages 8 and 9, The Cleric

For this series of posts I will be using the free PDF of the 
Labyrinth Lord rules that can be found Here at Goblinoid Games
This is the fourth part of a series, here are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd parts

   For the next couple of parts I will be doing things a little different. Instead of going strictly by the pages I will be doing the classes. The first class will be the cleric which by a coincident is actually exactly two pages long. I think its because it not only has spells but the turning undead table.

The Cleric

   The first class is actually one of my favorite to play. Thats right, I like to be the cleric. I blame it on video games, my love of exploring makes it so I tend to get in over my head and being a cleric lets me do so even more so.
   Anyway to be a cleric all you have to do is choose it. No requirements to be a holy man except the whole being a human thing. Overall it sticks close to the original and comes across quite well. Labyrinth Lord does keep the no edged weapons rule which I would agree with. Sure it doesn't exactly make sense all the time but its nice flavor.
   A thing I like is that it leaves what happens to them if they break the church's rules up to the DM. It does suggest a couple of things including reducing the number of spells they get but there is no actual limit or boundary on it. Many possibilities for adventure here if you do it right. Just remember that you want to give the players a lot of room here. Its always more fun when you give them enough rope and they hang themselves with it instead of you just hanging their characters. Its also not your fault then which is always a benefit.
   Now for the turning ability. Despite liking Clerics I have never been that knowledgeable on the turning mechanics. Here not only do they have a great graph but an excellent example. Quite helpful if you don't understand just from reading the rules text.
   To wrap up I will say that the Cleric presented in the book is a good show. The class shown here is quite close to the source. Also I like how they put all the graphs for the cleric on one page. That is helpful and does not break up the text allowing fluid reading of the rules.

This is the fourth part of a series, here are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd parts
Once again you can find the rules Here at Goblinoid Games

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