Monday, June 20, 2011

Masterwork Frenzy

   We did not quite clear the fort that we needed to attack this session but amazing things happened. First off the fort was taken over by some odd creatures that disguised themselves as the guards so we wasted most of the time arguing out of character about how to get in diplomatically. Of course unlike the last time we tried diplomacy it was not possible this time. That's right, we actually tried to talk to the people and not just go away. Probably because out of game we knew this was where the text one of our players needed for his next level so he could take a prestige class. Anyway we killed some really tough monsters with a lot of HP then found some nice loot. One of the first rooms we searched was an armory and basically we where just going to find some random masterwork gear so I half jokingly suggested to the DM that we should just masterwork all of our current gear. He said yes so now everything we have that was either a weapon of armor is now masterwork. I had like five different random weapons so I could cover a number of damage types and ranges.
   Now that was nice but the biggest find was in the library. Of course we did find the text we wanted but all the treasure in the room was scrolls or similar so when we rolled for treasure if it came up as something that was not that the DM upgraded the treasure level and we rolled again. We managed to get a twentieth level treasure, a Manual of Gainful Exercise +3. Soon as we get to town our Melee guy is going to go from 18 strength right up to 21 strength. Sadly we are not allowed to sell anything we have so we can't instead use the book to fund a major gear upgrade instead. We probably could have outfitted the whole party in above level gear with the money from it.
   Of course we still have to clear the rest of the area and the monsters while few and far between are tough with hit points well in excess of a 100 each and we know there are at the least three more to go. My character is doing good so far but I definitely want to invest in some more stuff to raise my AC and DR.

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