Sunday, March 13, 2011

7DRL - Reviewing format

   To start before I get on with this I will explain how I will be rating a number of other 7DRL games in the days to come. I have 5 different categories that I will grade on a 1 to 20 scale, 1 being bad.

   First is Ascii/Graphics use, This will be how well they where able to say what they meant with the their display and how well it came across. This means some simple things like using understandable thing such as a brown 'r' to mean a rat and not a rust monster. This will be genre based partly seeing as a science fiction game might have the brown 'r' meaning a type of robot. For the graphics I will be looking at the images and seeing how well they match the content. I understand that 7 days is not enough to make custom tiles for everything but if you do I will treat you better then the guy who grabbed a free bunch of tiles and stuck them wherever because no matter how pretty if you are using a picture of a rat to represent a robot.

   Next is Ease of use which will be about various things that could be better or are better. This will probably be biased but not because of key configurations unless the game does not come with a way to change them. Things that would fall under this category is stuff like if it takes to many keystrokes for important features or not asking if you really want to attack that town guard.

   Sparkly Bits is next on the list and it is what it is. It it sparkles and or is shiny it goes here.

    Difficulty will be the strategy type stuff and not stuff about control layouts or whatever, thats up in Ease of use. This is all about having to think before you bump into that 'D' over there. If I could be replaced by a 4 set of those drinking birds pressing the direction keys you will fail this category

   The final category is a combo of Addictiveness and replay value.  This will mean more then just having random dungeon levels because it may help but a boring room will be boring whether its the same one as last time or its a brand new boring room.

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