Thursday, March 17, 2011

7DRL - Rook - Review

Joshua Day

   A fun little game to play. You start game with an orb that prevents you from accidentally killing yourself and a ring that makes all damage fatal.

ASCII Use: 10/20
   Basic and understandable though not much else to say here. Average enough.

Ease of Use: 11/20
   You move with hjklyubn or the numpad. Items are activated with a then the letter. All of your items are listed on the side of the screen and if use of one would mean death its highlighted red. The same for the movement keys which are also listed on the side and highlighted red if they would mean death.

Sparkly Bits: 11/20
   Based on chess somewhat though it is hard to see at times. This has been done before, still interesting but not enough to get above an average rating.

Difficulty: 13/20
   An interesting challenge with a moving goal. Kill the King if you can, it may take you a few tries to get there. Above average but still not Hard.

Addictiveness/Replayability: 10/20
   Good draw once you start so you will want to finish it and being a quick game you will finish before it wears off but the replay is not much to talk about.

Overall: 65/100
   A fun quick game to play through once though you probably won't play it again after you win. I advise it for someone looking for a quick play of something new before going back to whatever you where doing.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like I mostly hit the mark, then! I don't think a 7drl should be terribly demanding of its players -- there's a lot of competition, and I'd like for people to check out as much of it as they can. Still, Rook remains an open project, and I've already added a lot of new content; the general challenge is to find new components that play with the checkmate system in interesting ways. Quite a few infuriating things, like paralytic attacks that stack, can actually become fun.

    Where has check been done before? Outside of chess, I've never seen it. There was a chess-themed roguelike where the enemies moved like chess pieces, but that's a piece of theming, not check.