Monday, March 21, 2011

D&D Campaign, first session

   Mostly flavor text because we ran out of time. I was actually allowed about 15ish gold back because a lot of stuff like regular ammo and food the GM considers things you just have which is nice.
   The story is that we are currently in the capital of some nation with a weird name that just recently the eldest son of the king disappeared followed by the king dying of (insert generic death here) and the queen quickly following by "suicide" from grief and the youngest son took over. Of course he is a real dick and has all kinds of new laws made to control the kingdom including laws against magic of any kind including arcane, divine, psionics, and incarnum so it covers the whole party. The Magic academy and the churches are allowed to control it on their own land but because the upstart prince is a wizard and all friendly with the Archmage probably controls it on the magic academy as well. Later on I accurately guessed we will be going out and finding the eldest prince to and taking the throne back for him. I would personally want to try for the throne but I am a dwarf and the most normal race in the party so I can't really rule a human kingdom and it probably conflicts with my neutral good alignment. The law against magic means more of a as long as you don't get caught its fine but we know that "some"(read that as all that we meet) of the guards will be able to detect magic so its good none of us have any magic items. Our first mission will be to clear the local temple of Pelor's crypt of some turn resistant undead. Of course why one of the main churches for the god that hates undead would need some visiting people to clear it for them is up in the air. The DM say's it is because of the turn resistance but the church should have at least a couple clerics of 1st or greater level and undead still die to healing so whatever. I personally am blaming it on the ban on magic so all the combat types moved out to the country side where they can get away with helping people with their magic off of church grounds. All we know that is down there actually is skeletal rats at this point and I think that was more of a flavor text thing then anything else. Sadly the DM will not be around next week and maybe not the week after that so no D&D for at the least a couple weeks.

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