Monday, March 28, 2011

the "Why"

   I have Why in the name but have yet to say much about it. Why am I doing this? I have said some things about it but nothing concrete enough. Its not like I am blogging about stuff everyday though I should. My programming skills are not anything exciting and I am only in a single roleplaying game at the moment despite desires for this to be otherwise. I also have not been linking here from other places like I could be. I don't even have a link in my Bay12 forum signature.
   This has been getting to me and I believe that I need to either step up the quality and focus on something or demote this to a diary of sorts that is accidentally on the internet. I want to blog and such but my problem is lack of a steady focus. One week I am all about the roleplaying then next week I can't tear myself away from some game or what not then the third week its something else. I made this blog to unfocused to properly do anything with it that may attract attention.
   I currently have two specific things that I would blog about and luckily they are what this place was orignially set up for. The first is roleplaying with a sub focus on my actual gaming. While the second is programming with a slight focus on roguelikes. Yes I know that's all I have blogged about here but what you see is only a miniscule percentage of what I consider putting here. I managed to go a whole week of almost consistent posting about my try at a 7DRL. Sure the times were weird and generally after midnight but that's fine as I almost never go to sleep by then anyway.
   I can after next week or maybe the week after that post about my weekly D&D game depending on when the DM gets back from vacation. This means a weakly post mostly likely on Sunday or Monday but greedy as I am I want more. This means I need something to hold my attention. I have two things ironically similar that I am thinking of doing. First is make some dungeon generation code along the lines of what I had for my 7DRL only, well, better. This would be generic code that I would be able to reuse as needed so next time I make a game its already there and I can work on the stuff I don't quite know that well. The second option is to make a dungeon for D&D. This would mean probably an exciting first to third level encounter stretching through a cavern or some such with stats for both 3.5 and one of the rules sets like Labyrinth Lord because I simply love the older editions of D&D. Either way I make a dungeon. I hope to start soon with next Monday being the latest though I do not know which I will do. The programming one will be fun in a way because I will be able to go on and on about how I want a dungeon to be but the roleplaying one will be something that I can stretch my art muscles on which is something I need to do lest they atrophy away to nothing. It will probably be D&D in the end seeing as I have been thinking about it quite a bit and have not had an actual game session in many months.

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