Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fall 2011 semester = over

   So yeah the semester is finally over, just submitted my last final a few moments ago. I am feeling much relief at this moment. Of course now I will actually have time to make posts and keep a schedule for this blog. Thats right, I will now have no excuse if I miss a Monday post so expect to see them on a regular basis. Of course after I finish with the LL CtC I will probably make whatever I do next be a Friday post as I can never find any college classes on a Friday.

   Other things of note. After the current area of the D&D campaign I am in is over I will no longer be in a D&D campaign. Of course this sounds bad until I mention that I will no longer be in one because I will be DM it instead. Thats right! I know get to be a DM every other week and the party wants to be evil this time. I will probably be using some of the maps and that world I had previously posted though not the megadungeon. Also because they are evil I get to use my kobolds like I want and still throw the party at them. I will probably be overpowered by the PCs as I am letting them be whatever they want with the restriction of Artificer as the current one was basically a black box that you put treasure in and got over three times the amount out. I can probably handle a party just being overpowered but when they take every GP I give them and make it into 3 I do not think I could handle it satisfactorily.

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