Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking back on 2011

   Running to stay in place for the most part. Despite telling myself I need to stop procrastinating I have managed to ironically put it off. As for general life related things I guess I could technically say I finally got one. I actually have a group to play roleplaying games with and I have increased my online presence to the point of being something more then just a periodic forum poster.
   This year has also been amazing in the games bought category as I have purchased 3 games! Now to some of you this may be small but when I tell you that for the last five or so years the number of game I have bought totaled 3 it kinda puts it in perspective. Even better is that none of those games are bad games. Minecraft is of course an amazing experiences. Terraria which is sorta like Minecraft but not actually was quite fun though its long term appeal is not quite that of Minecraft. Finally I acquired Pokemon White with some of my Christmas/Birthday money and while I don't want to say much until I have finished it (I take a long time my first play through as I do everything I can to avoid plot) I will say that the thing I like the most and hate the most about it is that it feels just like how Pokemon felt when I first played it way back in when your choices where red or blue.
   Of course my favorite game I played this year and every year in the past since I found it is Dwarf Fortress. The top ten positions are so:
  1. Dwarf Fortress (Duh)
  2. Civilization 4 (specifically BtS with either Bug or something based off of Bug)
  3. Minecraft (this will probably stay in this area for a long time to come)
  4. Pokemon White (and technically most other of the regular Pokemon games)
  5. Prospector (awesome roguelike)
  6. Terraria (good game but its already losing my attention)
  7. X-Com (would rate higher if I had played it more)
  8. Dungeon Crawl (should play it more though the tournament month makes up for it)
  9. OpenTTD (this should probably be higher but I have not played it enough to get it quite yet)
  10. Knights of the Old Republic (nice game and deserves its rep but I have so many other good games it almost did not make it)
   Of course the above is just computer games as I rate games you play in person differently from ones played by some electronic gadget. As I note besides the listed items some of them may rate better or worse in the end once I have played them a bit more but otherwise it seems decent enough.
   Other things that have happened are mostly mundane overall. I managed to greatly increase the number of Magic the Gathering books I have, specifically the first few series including the ones from before when they made stories fitting each block. I have gotten quite a bit farther on completing a set of the Kamigawa sets and because of Christmas money have gotten the pages to start putting together the other 2 sets in the block. A good Chinese restaurant opened up nearby that has a good lunch deal so thats nice. Borders Book stone closed which is sad though they had drastically cut their science fiction and fantasy section so I don't mind it so much and as luck would have it another book store opened up in its place and they have twice the shelf space for those sections as Borders did in the end (the new store is called Bam!). I was able to go on a vacation and visit my family that is in Pennsylvania so thats was good.
   Overall I guess I can count this year as putting me ahead overall. It had its ups and downs but the ups where mostly higher then the downs where low so I guess its alright. No big changes happened really either so I guess life goes on.

Anyway Happy New Years, may it be a good one for you all!

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