Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Planning play OpenTTD but my head is aching

   I am planning on doing a Lets Play of OpenTTD (Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe) but I have a headache and it would only get worse if I tried right now. I wish that the game worked with Fraps as I have never had any problem recording with it but that is not to be. I am going to have to use CamStudio which seems like it is almost perfect for what I need if not for not working.
   Luckily I think I have it figured out. First of all if you ever use it you need to change the video settings unless your just doing some short thing as it defaults to something like 200 frames a second and the .avi's have a 2GB size limit which you will blow past quite quickly at that rate. Luckily it is fairly easy to change once you realize this. Of course if that was all that was wrong I would have the first video uploaded to YouTube already.
   The next problem is the sound. It was not syncing right and because of either Windows 7 or the sound card I can't just record from the speakers. This means that I will be recording fully from my mic which sucks. I will have to have the music louder then I would normally have it so it can be heard. The nice side benefit comes from this though, my mic is really quiet so my normal talking voice is a little to soft and normally would be overshadowed by the music but because of the loud music I will be talking louder cause I like to hear myself talk or something. This will mean listeners may not have to crank their volumes to hear me. As for the syncing problem I have that figured out as well. It had nothing to do with the audio but instead was the video codec I was using so once I just dumped it back into default the problem cleared up for the tests I did though there may still be problems.
   This basically means I will probably be recording later tonight if my headache goes away or tomorrow if not. Because I actually mean for these videos to be watched by the general public unlike the other four I have done I will be posting updates here and will probably start a thread in the lets play area of the Bay12 forums. If I manage to get my first video recorded and uploaded tonight I will probably just edit this post to include links and what not but tomorrow night or after I will probably just do an actual post for it. The only thing I am certain of is that I will probably not upload more then a video a day at the most as I am looking for viewer feedback. Also later on after the lets play is done or abandoned I will probably make this post a collections of all the links.

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