Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holidays: The Aftermath

   I think the universe is conspiring against me having a dependable update schedule for the LL cover to cover posts. I should have had all the time I needed on Monday as its between Christmas and my birthday so should have been a day of resting from the one and preparing for the other. Of course what really happened is that some family visited my Grandmas place on that day so I ended up with a second Christmas. Now don't get me wrong this is quite awesome and visiting family is always fun but it is draining. Basically I got home, checked some things, then fell asleep. Now the holiday bash is through so once again I say I will be back to my regular schedule.
   In other news I may have someone who will be able to turn my single player lets play of OpenTTD into a multiplayer which as far as I can tell automatically makes it more interesting if all the other lets plays I have watched are anything to go by.
   So yeah, now 21 and my choice not to drink means something and if I wanted to (which I don't) Michigan says I can gamble at casinos. Maybe if I sleep through tomorrow, wait no I think my dad has something planned then as well, ok maybe if I sleep through Friday I can finally be fully recovered from the holidays.

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