Sunday, July 17, 2011

And the bandit spits mini bandits at you!

   We made it to the bandit cave and in the finest tradition it had multiple entrances. The first one we found and just went into was of course a dead end trap. A giant stone covered the entrance and water was starting to fill the place after the person in front triggered a pressure plate  when getting a scroll that basically said that the person did not beleive we would be stupid enough to fall for the trap. Unworried I simply stone shaped the rock away and put a message in it which was what the scroll a said followed by "I'm a ****ing dwarf, [female dog]!".
   We searched for more entrances and luckily one of us got a nat20 and found the other 3 entrances. I followed this up by rolling spot checks at each to spot how much activity there had been at each. The entrance next to the first was the correct one.
   Inside the correct tunnel I went in the lead and proceeded to ignore the traps we came across. Then I went around a corner and found a ballista firing at me. It missed me and the operators retreated. We went on and around the corner was ambushed by bandits. The bandits then spit 2d4 mini bandits at us. They would have been more of a threat if not for the fact everyone had at least DR1/- so they could not damage us though if they did hit you there was a DC15 fort save or lose some wisdom. Most of the party being either fighter types or dwarven this did little though the fighters did manage to get pretty low in wisdom. My dwarf was only hit a few times even when he had twenty of the blighters stacked on him attacking and saved every time. We killed them all finally, and it helped that the little ones only had an hp apiece so my fiery burst auto-killed them. In case you are wondering about the spitting mini bandits at us apparently the DM was using monsters as bandits. They where not what he was thinking they where so the next fight he switched out to something else.
   The group continued forward after a little bit of healing on the DMPC and found an actual room. It had
"rogues" with a fly speed. There was a good number of them but we cleared a large portion of them quickly. the mage helped a lot by using a bead from his necklace of fireball. This fight had everyone but me get knocked out though luckily I was able to throw down a mass lesser vigor on them all. After a little healing on the psi warrior to get him on his feet I proceeded to get extremely lucky. The enemy was rogues so if they saved against my ability they would have took nothing but in all the times I used my ability only once did any of them save. We managed to find a great number of interesting magic items on them including a Hand of the Mage and an Everfull Mug, both of which I commandeered. There was also a wand of cure light and a couple scrolls of bull strength which will be nice. There was also a number of other items but either no one needed them or someone else took them.
   We are not finished with the cave system but with the wand I should be able to get the group on their feet quickly. Probably will finish the cave next week. The group has also decided that we should make an adventuring group of 1st level characters to go quest with as well. I have a Warblade set up already and will probably have to make the group healer as well. At least this time I will be able to make a pure healer so he can do his job better. The extra feat from being human should help as well.

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