Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So why all the reviews?

   I truly don't intend to turn this into some kind of reviewing blog or what have you. The thing is though I am blogging when I feel the need to and my life has been boring recently. So yeah reviews for everyone. Also while I am at it let me put down a little bit on how I review things. First if it is a series I will review the series as a whole. Second is that I will probably tend to only review stuff if I really like it or really hate it with movies I see in theater being about the only exception. Finally the shorter a review is the more I probably liked it because I will try harder to avoid spoilers. Any thing I actually go through the trouble of actually labeling as a spoiler doesn't count towards this and just means there was something that really caught my attention and I felt that it needed to be pointed out.

   In other news my Monday Labyrinth Lord Cover to Cover post was my 100th Post so go me. I guess if I was able to stick it out this long then its not going to be a passing fancy for me. [insert naive promise to try to post more ofter here]

   Also from August 5th to August 12th I will be in Pennsylvania visiting my Mom and vacationing on the beach so I probably won't be able to access the internet let alone post stuff. I will try to remember to schedule a LLCC post but no promises on that. I am happy about the trip but am slightly sad that I will be missing a whole week of the August Dungeon Crawl tournament. Last year I was able to place 185th with 6 other people and my team Bay12_Miners came in 17th. I don't plan to skip it but missing the week will be hard on whichever of the Bay12 teams I join.

Edit: apperently the tournament wont start till the 13th because of another tournament they did earlier. That means I don't have to miss anything!

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