Monday, July 11, 2011

Not much but I healed the enemy

   Because the other players in the group where tired today we only did one encounter today. It was against some fire dinosaur things. The male shifter from before was with it and started off strong and kept it up. First round crit, hit, hit, miss. Second round crit, hit, hit, miss. Yeah, I think having him along will greatly improve our DPS. As for the heal thing I mentioned apparently fire healed them. I knew they probably were not affected by fire but healing? I think I would at least get some form of notice of this. Wounds closing up as they bask in my fiery conflagration should be something a cleric would figure out. Worse yet they kept up the tactic every enemy has adopted after I attack them, IE keeping spaces between themselves so my burst attack can only hit one of them. Sure they were not stupid but if they don't care about my attacks they should not be purposefully moving to make it so I can't hit more then one of them. Anyway we took them down right fast anyway. Going to have to look up if you can make a check to notice if an enemy takes damage or heals it.


  1. You shouldn't be obligated to warn the players of mechanics like this.

    If one of them rolled a nature check beforehand, and they did fairly well, you could tell them of the mechanic. (Not sure if you were playing D&D, or if your game has something like nature checks)

    One of the D&D podcasts I listened to talked about enemies healing, and made a valid point: "If a player crits or uses their daily, followed by the enemy being healed, that player will be very dissapointed and feel like they wasted a turn".

    I would rather just stick to absorbing damage. Unless the creature is entirely made of fire (Like a fire elemental), they should just have some fire absorption/resistance. Hitting a red dragon with a critical fireball should still cause some damage - not as much as an icebolt, perhaps.

    Still, an avoidable mechanic can certainly be penalizing.

  2. Yeah, it was D&D3.5. As for a check, I had asked the DM if there was any check I could make to figure out if it was resistant to fire or something. I even checked what the monster look liked because if it had been made of flames or something I would have been able to figure it out. They where just red and brown with lizard type scales and such. Also if it had been a one time fire attack then alright but it was basically something I was doing every turn. I was using the feat Fiery Burst over and over so I should get some clue that my fire is not doing anything to them or in fact healing them, for one thing if they are not hurt by fire then they won't be reacting like it hurts them in the least.