Sunday, July 3, 2011

Escaped the fort and then suddenly shifters

   We basically died again. All the monsters but one where killed and the one knocked us all out and then hightailed it out of there. Its partly my fault, it really creeped the enemy out when it kept knocking us out and we would keep coming back. Extended lesser vigor tends to do that. Later we woke up healed up and then went back to town.
   In town we found a disturbance around a peasants shack. There was a dead guard and the captain of the guard was wounded. The story was a merchant had met some travelers who joined him then when they got to just before the town they beat him up and took some of his stuff. Also they where lycanthropes. After aquiring a masterwork silver long sword for the melee PC we went into the hut to face the foe...
It was a guy and his pregnant wife. Also they had apparently been hired by the merchant for protection and all they had done when he had refused payment was beat him up a little and then take what he had said he would pay them. Of course being unwillingly cursed is illegal and cause for you to either be killed or put into slavery. Now to make it even better they where not even lycanthropes but actually shifter, the half lycan types who don't go mad at the full moon. We solved the first part of the problem of them being illegal by having my character just declare as of the day before the event happened being a shifter was no longer illegal which was fun. Next was the fact that killing a guard was cause for death or slavery, IE back to square one. This we solved by having the guard raised in exchange for the shifters agreeing to work for us. After the session we found out they where both level six so for 5000 and change we acquired some heros who until we leveled where of higher level then us. Oh and we leveled.
   Finally I can stop worry about traps that cause reflex saves. Currently at level six my save is three which is horrible but with the feat I am taking once an encounter I can instead of making a reflex save make a concentration check which basically takes my 3 and making it a 13. For anyone currious this is what I am using:

From "Tome of Battle"

   "Martial Study" on page 31-32
By studying the basics of a martial discipline, you learn to focus your ki and perfect the form needed to use a maneuver. As a result, you gain the use of a combat maneuver.

Benefit: When you gain this feat, you must choose a discipline of martial maneuvers, such as Desert Wind. The key skill for the chosen discipline becomes a class skill for all your classes (current and future). Select any maneuver from the chosen discipline for which you meet the prerequisite. If you have martial adept levels, this maneuver becomes one of your maneuvers known. If you do not have martial adept levels, you can use this maneuver once per encounter as a martial adept with an initiator level equal to 1/2 your character level. If you do not have martial adept levels when you take this feat, and you later gain a level in a class that grants maneuvers known, these new maneuvers can be used only once per encounter and have no recovery method. If you later gain levels in a martial adept class (crusader, swordsage, or warblade), you use the recovery method for maneuvers learned as a result of those class levels, but your previous maneuvers (gained through this feat or through prestige class levels) do not gain a recovery method. A maneuver learned through this feat cannot be exchanged for a different maneuver if you are a crusader, swordsage, or warblade (see the class descriptions in Chapter 1 for details on swapping out maneuvers as you gain levels). Once you choose a maneuver with this feat, you cannot change it.

Special: You can take this feat up to three times. Each time you take it after the first, you gain one of two benefits. You can choose a new discipline, gaining one of its maneuvers and its key skill as a class skill, as described above. Alternatively, you can choose a maneuver from a discipline to which you have already gained access by means of this feat. In either case, you must meet the maneuver’s prerequisite.

   "Action Before Thought" on page 62
Diamond Mind (Counter)
Level: Swordsage 2, warblade 2
Initiation Action: 1 immediate action
Range: Personal
Target: You
Your supreme sense of the battlefield, unmatched martial training, and simple, intuitive sense of danger allow you to act faster than the speed of thought. When a spell or other attack strikes you, you move a split second before you are even aware of the threat.
Your mind is a keenly honed weapon. Other warriors rely on their physical talents. You know that a mix of mental acuity and martial training, along with a strong sword arm, is an unbeatable combination. This maneuver epitomizes your approach. Your mind, rather than your raw reflexes, dictates your defenses. You can use this maneuver any time you would be required to make a Reflex save. Roll a Concentration check instead of the Refl ex save and use the result of that check to determine the save’s success. You must use this maneuver before you roll the Reflex save. A result of a natural 1 on your Concentration check is not an automatic failure.

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