Friday, July 22, 2011

The Dragon Jousters

The Dragon Jousters
Mercedes Lackey

   The Dragon Jousters is a series of books which are some of my favorites and I just finished rereading them all so I decided to review them. In order the books are "Joust", "Alta", "Sanctuary", and "Aerie". They follows the life of Kiron and has Dragons as an integral part of the plot. It starts with Kiron being a serf called Vetch who ends up at the Jouster compound. The place where Dragons and their riders who are called jousters fly from to battle the nation Kiron is from.
   The characters are all enjoyable and have actual personality behind them. They actually grow and change as the series progresses and in a believable fashion. The setting itself fits together quite well even with the magic that is present. This is quite a feat in and of itself seeing as magic is harder to properly represent then most fantastic elements. 
   This review by fact of me not wanting to the story is a little shorter then I would want. I love the series and would advise it to anyone though its probably better if you keep it to teenagers or older. I would love say more but as I hate it when someone spoils a book for me I can only have the decency to not spoil books for others.

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