Thursday, July 28, 2011

To Ride Pegasus, Pegasus in Flight, Pegasus in Space

To Ride Pegasus, Pegasus in Flight, and Pegasus in Space
Anne McCaffrey

   Another series of books that I love. Having just acquired them from the internet and reread them I would like to say I advise them to anyone to read. While it may be better to read the first series placed in the setting as the Pegasus series is a prequel to it you can read either series first.
   The books are about Talent with a capital "T" which is used to mean psychic ability. Things like Telekinesis and Telepathy. The three books take you from the first time Talent is made legitimate and proven scientifically right up to its first use to traverse from earth out to the stars.
   The first book is a collection of interconnected short stories. The first of the short stories follows Henry Darrow, a man who can see the future and through an accident is able to prove Talents existence and set up an organization to find and train them. The three other short stories in the book follow Op Owen who is a powerful Telepath and is the person to take over after Darrow is gone.
   The second and third books are more connected to each other and follow a good amount of time after the first book as there is only a single person from the first book still in the other two and she was a young child in the first one and an old lady in the second and third.
   Both the second and third books follow Peter Reidinger from when he is a teen right after he is in an accident that paralyzes his body from the neck down to when he first sends a colony ship to another solar system. There are a number of other characters of course and while I won't be naming them, basically all of them are brilliantly portrayed.
   To wrap up as I said at the top I advise this book to anyone. Also anyone who has read the Pern series Anne McCaffrey also wrote that so if you enjoyed those books you will most likely enjoy these.

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