Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

   I just watched it today and I must say, the 3D was actually worth it. Some of the 3D movies I have seen *cough*Thor*cough* where not worth it in the least but this one did it. I feel that it was worth the extra money to see it in 3D.
   As for the movie's story, that too was better then I was expecting. Normally with sequels Its about the 3rd one that things really start going down hill. This one though was as good if not better then the first movie. Random new love interest was random sure, but that was because of real world reasons and can be excused in this case because it not only fits into the story but adds to it.
   If you saw the other two movies then you should definitely see this one. I would like to suggest it to anyone and it does stand somewhat on its own but as with most sequels you need the ones before it for the background information to fully understand a number of points. Now its time for some
SPOILERS(in white)
   I like how they ended the movie with both Sentinel and Megatron being killed. They could end the series right here and now. If they do then I think they will have made the right choice. This is because they may have defeated the downward spiral that is sequels but I don't think they can do it again. Better to end it now on a high note with all the plot points wrapped up and the main and backup evils dead then stretch it further.
   Also I would like to mention how ironic Sentinels talk to Optimus about making the hard choice is. Sentinel is the one who made the easy choice. He gave in to the enemy, he chose saving his planet over others freedom, he gave up his honor and morals. That is the easy way out folks. It is many times harder to stick to your guns and keep your ideals even when faced with defeat.
End Spoilers

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