Sunday, October 30, 2011

Elephant like creatures

   A number of things had happened when I was gone. First and most important is that we leveled up so I now have elasticity which lets me stretch a limb up to five times its normal dimensions so I can not attack up to five squares away from me. Of course the DM decided that does not mean I can have attacks of opportunity out to that far and so it was decided by the group that it was like Luffy's stretching ability.
   One of the players forgot his character sheet and decided instead of just remaking it he would be an entirely new character. So anyway the group was out and about on a planet and heard screams so we went to where they where coming from. It was a zoo and the "new" character was fighting some escaped elephant like creatures. The zoo's defense system helped us because otherwise we would have been dead as each of the creatures had three attacks of which the first two did something like 2d8 plus Strength. We managed to hold out fairly well though in the end we only killed three of the creatures when there had been like nine of them. Once all of the alive ones where paralyzed by the zoo defenses the handlers came out and took care of the rest. The new character what unconscious so we basically kidnapped him. This did not jive for the honorable samurai so we had a little inter-character drama. In the end though it all worked out.
    Also apparently we had found a ship on the planet and this had been the reason to go there in the first place. Yeah that was about the order I found out about it as well. Anyway long story short, we got some coords to a place outside of known space and used our ships superdrive to get there in about a day when it normally would have taken something like three months. On the only planet with intelligent creatures we found huminoids that looked nothing like any others we knew of and spoke a highly accented version of the Esper language. When we landed and met some locals they called the Espers in our group "Sky Gods". We ended with most of the group in a car we had for some reason driving towards the nearest city.

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