Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Frogs (though technicly toads)

   The party today acquired some more members but lost others. With the new people coming in bring the number of players up to five those of us that had two characters had to give up one of them and so I gave up the cleric and kept the warblade. As for what actually happened we fought more frogs. Lots and lots of frogs through the power of a messed up form of swarm rules. I have probably already explained this but basically the DM wanted us to fight hundreds of small frogs which is impractical so he just chucked them all together in groups of 25 and called it a day. Anyway we faced the final boss in the swamp area which was a giant frog. Technically as the title of this post suggests it was a toad. More properly a Dire Toad with advanced hit dices but the DM could not find any proper frog monsters for us to fight so used what was close enough. After some lucky rolls on the percentile for treasure we ended up with a ton of random magic stuff and a load of gold. Of course after such good events obviously the good times would continue so the people that captured us decided that they wanted us to stay in the swamp and try to find our way back to the town on our own with only a quick point in the correct direction to guide us. All is in the end forgiven though since we had enough XP to level up so next time we will be third level.

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