Thursday, October 13, 2011

More thoughts about my ability score system

   While the three abilities each with two sub-abilities will work fine for a computer game I don't think that it would work that well for the main system of a table top game. The three main stats though have a good bit of potential and I know there are three stat systems already which probably match up decently with what I have. Now as an "optional" feature I believe it would work just fine. Not that I plan on making an actual table top roleplaying game out of my system at the moment anyway but it is still an interesting thought excersice while I get my "new" computer reformated and go through the process of getting everything like I want it.
   There is one important thing I have been thinking about with the abilities scores though. How much is each point worth in-game? I could take the D&D approuch with 10 being average and every two above that is an extra plus one to its modifier but that just makes uneven scores boring and unworth it. I also have this desire at the back of my head to keep numbers small. I don't want end game to desolve into a completely predictable game where you can't die but I also don't want the danger to be all about the monsters having a bigger bonus.

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