Monday, October 24, 2011

Midterm and some thoughts on Reviews

   Well school will once again be interfering with my regular Monday post. As the title might clue you in on I have my one classes Midterm to do. I might have been able to squeeze out a sub-par post on LL but I don't want to post anything like that, especially since the next part to do is the Monsters.

   Anyway lets talk about reviews. Until my last review about the book "The New Death and others", all of them where just stuff that I had read or seen that I wanted to put up here. The closest I got to ever doing a negative review was for movies which if I saw it I reviewed it. This means that I have only ever done good reviews so this might make me seem like I give good reviews easily. I don't. I have always just reviewed stuff I felt moved to talk about. That is until now when I reviewed a book on the request of the author in exchange for a free copy of it. I never in a thousand years thought anything like this would happen so it took me by surprise but now that it has I am going to put out there what will happen if someone asks me to review something of theirs, whether a book, a new roguelike, or what have you. The rules are as follows:
  1. If they say they only want me to review it if I like it or something along the lines of requesting a "good" review I will flat-out refuse them and depending on the circumstance probably post about it.
Well that is pretty much it really. I you want me to review something I will review it truthfully so if I think it is lower then a pile of garbage I will say so, end of story. Now of course I don't expect people to beat a path to my door asking me to review their stuff, I don't really have that much of an audience but I may end up with similar requests of me as I had with The New Death and others. The computer is an amazing thing and I believe others in the same situation should take a similar approach for ebooks and stuff like that because it should not cost anything to give a pdf or what have you to a few bloggers in the right niche and even if only 10 people read my review thats 10 more people who have heard about the book for the cost of basically nothing.

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