Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So my computer died

   Really the title says it all. My computer has kicked the bucket and it won't be comming back. Good news is that I did not lose anything important because after my laptop broke I decided to keep anything important on thumb drives and such. I also figured out why everything was so slow on it, apperently it was 11 years old.
   Luckily my dad still his old computer so I get to use that. While the computer is just as old it was special ordered and top of the line while mine had been the generic so it runs better then my dead one. I won't actually be able to use it for anything important till after tommorow as it is full of viruses and such so I need to reformat. I will be upgrading it from regular XP to XP Pro because I can get a copy free from my college which is handy.
   Overall it was not much of a shock as it has been threatening to die for a while now. I am sad because it has been my computer for the last 11 years and all but an upgrade even if not that big of one is a nice step up. My dad also plans to get me a new desktop for Christmas/Birthday so only a few more months and I can get something from this decade.

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