Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Prosperous Shesheme

The Prosperous Shesheme
   That is the name of  the groups spaceship. It is a high tech wounder created to assist my group in finding out why every X number of years all of civilization gets thrown back to the stone age like clockwork. Basicly a play on MtG's Alara except with each shard being a planet plus earth. Now the name of the ship may make more sense to you if I tell you we disguised it as a traveling restaurant but that would be a false sense of reason as we just threw together that cover story a bit after we had already named the ship.
   It took our group a while to name the ship and speaking of my group we grew a bit. A girl the DM knew joined us and some random guy who happened to be in the card shop on Wednesday joined as well then today the one guy who was not able to make it suddenly showed up and had time to make a character. So yeah, the group for BESM has 6 people and we may have 5 or 4 for 3.5 now depending on the guy from the past and whether he can keep coming all the time.
   Anyway as for the BESM game not much happened except for killing some space pirates because we spent at least half the session in what can only be called a unending bout of laughter brought on by the most intensive anime nerdery. Basically it was tons of fun and I would have honestly been okay with it even if we had not gotten any gaming done.

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