Friday, October 28, 2011

I found something else to sink my time into

   So I have once again been trapped in another blogs past. I found The CRPG Addict just yesterday the day before yesterday. I think it might have been from a link by another blog I follow but I don't really recall much as its where all my time has recently gone to.
   What the blog is about is a guy who is playing all CRPG's (as defined  by a few lists and the commentators on his blog) released for Dos or Windows in chronological order of year released. He posts about what game he is currently playing and when he finishes it he posts what he thinks of it including rating it by his own scoring system. This is basically the kind of stuff I could read for days (and have read for days) as it goes through all the stuff I wish I could put time aside for. Ironically for me despite my avid love of games I can't seem to ever really budget that many into my day so being able to read what they are like and seeing someones view of them is quite fun for me. Also the comments his posts get are half the fun so if you pop on over there I definitely advise you read them as well as the posts themselves. A thing to note as well is that he is playing roguelikes and because of how the tend to keep evolving he is playing them multiple times by major releases and has already played the first generation of Nethack along with an number of other more self contained roguelikes. Most impressive is that he (just before starting the blog sadly) beat Rogue.
   I am currently up to where he starts on Pool of Radiance which is a game I have fallen into quite a number of times. Speaking of falling into a game I will probably end up playing a few of them (like say Pool of Radiance) so I will either disappear for a bit or start posting about said games. He seems to have needed to take October off because of his job which seeing as the month is almost over I guess I found it at a good time.
   So yeah, good read if you like computer roleplaying games, especially the older ones, or if you happen to want to learn about the older games. Now I am back off to the archives to toil away till some ungodly hour when Sleep finally manages to sneak up behind me and apply some lumber love to the back of my head.

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