Saturday, October 29, 2011

I just realized

   Even though I love video games I have hardly ever completed/finished any. In fact depending whether you count some of the pokemon games I don't even need my second hand to count them. A quick list of games I have won would be Pokemon Red/Blue, Pokemon Gold/Silver, Super Smash Brothers, Zelda: Links Awakening, and Metroid Fusion. I may have won Metriod 2: Return of Samus though I can't remember exactly and I am mostly sure that I completed all the scenarios in the original Roller Coast tycoon though I might have cheated to do that. I have also won a number of games by cheating so I could learn all of the story and of course there are games that I don't really count for this like Minesweeper. I have also near completed a good number of other pokemon games though I tended to stall out on the final few battles.
   Its not that I don't want to complete the games as I really would like to but more of I get distracted. I tend to get interested in something for between a week up to a month and play it almost obsessively in that time period but then something shiny will catch my attention and by the time I get back to wanting to play the game again it has been so long that I start over because I lost the feel for the story.  I have only ever managed to complete the Pokemon games because the story is similar enough that I have gotten to the point I can just pick up and play and the Metriod games got finished because I got stuck with them as my only game over a few vacations. Zelda on the other hand makes it into the list of games I completed because a friend had it and I wanted it so played the game whenever I could and when I finally got it for myself basically just stayed awake for an entire weekend just bashing my way through it.
   Also its not like I don't have a lot of games or anything. I own quite a few games over many different systems. I have almost every console from Nintendo and PlayStation except for PS3 and the SNES with games for all the ones I have except the NES. As for computer games I have a good selection of games from a number of different genres and across a good number of years and honestly with the internet I can play any game from almost any system if I really felt the need to. And Yet I Can Never Finish Any. I get halfway and suddenly I am not playing the game anymore, its quite annoying as I really would like to.

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