Saturday, October 8, 2011

More on my ability score setup I want for my Roguelike

   I have decided that the names I had last post are what I want to call them so again here they are:

Physical Prowess
Natural Agility
Mental Ability

   Now for the hard part. I wanted to make each stat actually matter even if you a Fighter who never learns a spell or a Magic User who never picks up a weapon. Some of the stats of course where easier then others but all of them needed some work and will need work once I have the actual combat system worked out.
   First the physical abilities. The main ability of Physical Prowess will determine how good you are at Fortitude saves. Strength will be how much extra damage your melee attacks do and how much weight you can carry. Finally Toughness will be how many bonus hitpoints you get each level and also the amount of natural DR you have.
   Next is the dexterity type abilities. Natural Agility will be for Reflex saves. How Nimble you are will determine your speed and how well you dodge attacks. The last ability, Aim, will be how well you can hit stuff, whether it be a melee, ranged, or magical attack.
   Now for the last category of abilities, the ones that deal with the mind. Mental ability as I am sure will be no surprise, represents you willpower save. Intelligence will determine how many spells you can cast and how efficiently you cast them as well as your ability to use magical devices and scrolls. Wisdom gets to represent how much mana you have and how powerful your spells are as well as your ability to identify things like swords and scrolls through use.

   The main stats represents the three saves from D&D because they are the natural ability of the character. They don't go up that often and are the basic building blocks of a characters body and mind. The physical sub-abilities where overall easiest to figure out as they where mostly self explanatory anyway. Next hardest to figure was the dexterity sub-abilities though mostly because of indecision on Aim. I took a while flip flopping between how many of the attack types it would affect. After all in D&D Dexterity only normally affects your ranged attacks. In the end though I decided to make it cover the whole field of options. The last category was the hardest to figure out yet easiest to decide on. The parts for spellcasting where mostly already decided but I wanted to make the abilities useful even if your not a caster. In the end the fact I wanted all characters to be able to identify stuff in muchly the same way ended up making it easier for me and once I thought of attaching wisdom to identifying it fell into place. As for the spell side of things that had mostly already been thought out in the past by me so while it probably took the least amount of time it also took the most. Intelligence gets to be how well you can get more spells and how efficiently you can use them and to counter that Wisdom gets to show how much mana you have to cast spells and how powerful they are. They balance against each-other and yet appear that they could stand on their own. You could technically focus on Intelligence and learn a whole lot of spells that you can cast for deceptively small amounts of mana but because you don't have much Wisdom you won't have much mana to use for them and what spells you have will be less affective. On the other side if you focus on Wisdom then you will have a deceptively large amount of mana and what spells you know will be godlike but because you lack intelligence your spells will cost a lot so your mana won't go as far and while the spells may be affective you will not always have the right spell for the job and honestly what good is a godly fireball if your fighting a fire elemental?

   One more thing I would like to say before I finish this post is that I plan to use a combat system that is closer to how BESM d20 does it as I like the defense rolls and armor as DR that it has though in a live game the defense rolls are a little clunky, especially when you fight a hoard of little creatures. I think though that in a computer game (like say a Roguelike) where it is all automated that I can make a similar style of system shine.

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