Tuesday, April 12, 2011


    I have an awesome book called "Castle" by David Macaulay. The book Castle takes you through the creation of a fictional castle and town that is based on how a real one would be made. It has amazing pictures to show the various stages of creation including all of the tools that would have been used to do so.  There is also the town that is attached to the castle which while less detailed has enough to help create a fictional town of your own. If you want to make a realistic medieval castle this is an excellent resource to use and I would advise anyone with an interest in castles to pick it up.

And because it does such a better job at describing it here is the Preface:
   "Lord Kevin's castle, although imaginary, is based in concept, structural process, and physical appearance on several castles built to aid in the conquest of Wales between 1277 and 1305. Their planning and construction epitomized over two centuries of military engineering accomplishments throughout Europe and the Holy Land.
   The town of Aberwyvern, also imaginary, is based in concept and physical appearance on towns in conjunction with castles in Wales during the same twenty-eight-year period. This combination of castle and town in a military program displays both superior strategical skill and the farsightedness required for truly successful conquest."

I gladly give this book a solid score of  9.5 out of 10
It is a good read and full of useful information.


  1. Loved that book when I was a kid. Wish I still had a copy of it. Off to Amazon!

  2. Yes the book is amazing, the author also made a number of other cool books along the same lines. I have "Pyramid" but he also wrote Cathedral, City, Mill, Ship, and Mosque which are what they say as well.