Sunday, April 10, 2011

My DM cheats for me

   Its all there in the title. Today was the first real session of my D&D 3.5 game and we would have TPKed twice. First we where clearing out a crypt of undead, specifically the church of PELOR's crypt...   Yah okay, whatever just remember to stay to the side and avoid the plot hole. Anyway moving on first we face some skeletal rats which would have been easy if the thief type hadn't decide he needed to go into the room first and promptly got 9 attacks before anyone did anything. Luckily he was some incarnium thing and had some ability that whenever something hits him it takes 2d6 fire damage so the rest of us where able to sweep up the skelerats. I popped a lesser vigor on the dude and we went to the next room. Zombie rats, but luckily we decided to do some spot checks so no one went and rushed in. They where big buckets of hitpoints and I had to use the rest of my healing here but we finally managed to beat them despite most of us not having any slashing weapons for some reason. We promptly retreated, rested, got healed up, and bought some weapons. In we go again only to face 3 ghouls which where actually pretty easy because of my +6 fortitude save though I had to use all my 0lv spells and a lesser vigor. The next room had the final boss and some nasty skeletons. This was a complete wash. We ended up with only our psionic warrior being conscious and only half of the time at that because of my vigor spell. We would have died here if the DM had not been ignoring the fact that a third of the attacks the skeletons where doing where hitting. The warrior managed to kill all the skeletons and the enemy caster paralyzed him and just walked out. We got to level 2 for this. Not a satisfying level gain at all.
   After the big fight we rested and healed up and where told that no we don't get any treasure but the happen to "know" where a shipwreck had washed up on the coast. We of course being players went to there at the speed of plot. We managed to notice the wire with bells and step over it. After a little searching we open a door and find 10 orcs sitting around a table. four of them where spear throwers. The fight was really not that much of a problem seeing as I rolled max hitpoints for level 2 and the other tank rolled quite well too so. This used up 2 of my 3 lessor vigor's, a cure light wounds, and 3 of my 4 zero level heals. We went into the next room that contained 24ish goblins. We did quite well for the shape we where in. It really helped that the gobo javelins only did 1d4 and the psionic warrior had a power that gave him DR 2/- so a lot of the attacks against him did nothing. Our Sorc was doing well with the orcs javelins taking down a number of enemy's and me and my crossbow did good though I quickly had to use my last lesser vigor when our rogueish character basically one again charged into the middle of the room to fight someone. This moved me out into the line of fire and only have 17 AC I quickly fell to a barrage of javelins despite my new shiny 24 hitpoints. The rogueish character kept falling unconscious then waking up on his turn because of the fast heal. In the end though we where all knocked out at negative hitpoints, and should have been killed. Of course what really happened is that we are going to start next week being goblin prisoners. I still have a zero level heal left so who knows.
   Once I hit 3rd level I will be getting the fiery blast feat and using my sun domains 2nd level spell which I will never actually use always be able to toss mini fireballs. Also because I will not have to actually hit things at that point bye bye large shield, hello tower shield. I can live with a burst 5' range 30' attack that deals 1d6/(level of highest fire spell memorized) fire damage every round. Maybe then the DM won't have to cheat for me.

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