Monday, April 18, 2011

My character actually died twice on Sunday

   On Sunday my dwarven cleric who was captured by goblins died twice. Actually died and not just got into negatives or almost but the DM cheated, no straight out with a minus much higher then negative 10 hp. The first time was my party of 4 2nd level characters opening a door and finding two ogres. We attacked them but when we found that they where hitting for over 20 damage a hit it was to late to retreat as they had reach so to get out of there we either face an attack of opportunity or use two five foot steps and have the orges just move closer next turn. I actually went from full health to dead between actions. It was almost a TPK if it had not been for a DMPC that was level 15 saving us and raising us after the mage was able to run away.
   Next we found or rather I found a gelatinous cube after running into it. After failing a fortitude save and getting paralyzed for 12 some turn the rest of the party tried to fight it. Of course this resulted in a second turn TPK where the cube was able to encapsulate the whole party and paralize us all. This was retconned out and we had to fight an otyugh instead which was much easier and we actually won with little damage.
   The final room had a werewolf which because of the DR only the mage was able to damage it and only because we had found a wand of magic missile. One of us got bit and failed the save but the DMPC will cure that right up. The reason we where there is actually the DMPC. If you read my past posts this may sound weird but let me explain.
   The DMPC is the old kings spymaster who was jailed by the new evil wizard king guy. Not feeling like being jailed the 15th level whatever decided to leave. A nearby town was going to be attacked by golbinoids and orcs so not wanting to solo a hoard  left a clue in the wizards book who kicked my partys collective butts and because we where knocked out the church had to tell us of a merchant vessel washed up on shore somewhere to keep the story moving. That was not a mechants vessel and of course being full of evil stuff my group was captured and thrown in a jail cell while the evil creatures went off to sack the town. DMPC proceeded to heal us up and give us super potions of extra cheese that completely restored all the spells we had used that day and told us to retrieve her spellbook she hid on the exact opposite side of the compound. We did so and now the DMPC gets to port us to the town with the book she could have more easily got herself so we can defend the place form a hoard she could probably solo herself.
   At least we leveled, again so now I have the feat Fiery Burst and because of the sun domain I have a second level fire spell. With this every turn I can now do a 5' burst attack that deals damage equal to the level of highest level fire spell I have memorized. I figure this will be good in the coming adventure as a 5' burst of 2d6 damage should work quite well against a hoard of goblins.

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