Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K is for Kalentar

   Kalentar is a dwarven city I made up a while ago and never finished. I do not remember where I got the name from but it sounds cool enough for me and I do not know of any other D&D related stuff with that as the name and Google agrees with me. Here is a scan of how far I got:
   Finished there would be a second and third level to it. The big open area you see would still be there because it was the training grounds for the city militia and a testing grounds for whatever new weapons the dwarven forges might make. The two side roads go to the mines with the one marked "New Mine" going to the dungeon I posted earlier. I was planning on making this the started area/home-base for an adventure. I have the area around the city somewhat planned though not the world. A human city is nearby on a river and a wizards tower is also nearby. Here is the map of the area:
   The black circle is the Tower and the other black area is the nearby town. I do not have Kalentar marked yet but it is dug into the brown mountain to the east of the town in between the lower two prongs. The kobold village in new mine has a back way out that comes out on the other side of the middle prong. The town on the river does not have name that I know of and is really more of a trading port created to ferry the superior dwarven goods out and import whatever the dwarves currently want for their goods. The town is on the other side of the river from the dwarves because the mountain contains a bunch of evil as well as dwarves so for safety they had to. The towns mayor and all around richest human in the area controls the big boats that are used to ferry stuff from one side of the river to the other.
   What I had planned was for the players to clear the new mine and depending on whether they find the escape tunnel have to keep clearing it till they did or end up killing off most of the local kobold tribe. Once they had enough money for a house I was going to give them the option of either a slightly expensive house in Kalentar or land on the area across the river from the town and let them get a house built there seeing as it was now safer then before. Players being players I expect that they would go the cheap route and have them get in conflict with the mayor because by making that side safe they allowed people to build warehouses on the one side and make it so his ferry's no longer held a monopoly over the local economy. The wizard tower is also an option for housing but they would have to clear it first though it would be the safest place once cleared. At higher levels this would allow me to bring back the missing wizard wanting his house back. There where a few other plots kicking around and an option for diplomacy with the kobolds but nothing on paper at the moment. I think this will end up stuck somewhere in a world I currently have being built right now.

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