Saturday, April 30, 2011

Z is for Zak

   No not that Zak, ME Zak. As in my name is Zak or more properly Zachary but in then end everyone calls me Zak. Why am I telling you this? Well for one if I make something worth releasing or selling I would want my actual name on it. Another reason would be that hiding behind a fake name on the internet happens too often so here I am. No hiding for me, when I say something I mean it and would say it to you in person.
   When it comes down to it anyone I would not want knowing my name could easily find out who I am anyway with a little work. After all I don't really try to hide who I am that much to begin with.
   So why do I go by Akhier the Dragon Hearted? Well for one Dragons rock. That is all the real reason behind the second part of the name. The "Akhier" part was just a name I used on some online game after I lost the password to my first account. Before that I always went by zak2to2. All I did to come up with the name was remove the first letter of Zak and add something to the end that sounded foreign. Of course because my name is only three letters long adding the heir after remove the z doubles the length. I ended up keeping the name because no one else on the internet seems to be called Akhier or at least not around where I hang out. There are quite a few Zaks out there on the internet but I am the Akhier in this corner of the web.
   This doesn't mean I will suddenly be going by Zak. For one there is already a Zak in the blogs I follow and he has a much more interesting time with my name then me so he can keep it for now. In the end though everyone on the internet knows me as Akhier so why try to change it?

Zak T

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