Monday, April 18, 2011

O is for Outdoors

   "The outdoors is a mythical place where it is said that not only does fresh air exist but natural light as well. Do not let these words fool you though for it is horrible place. The light burns the skin and can blind the eyes and the air while fresh contains scents so wild as to drive you insane. The best way to deal with it is to not go there at all. For those of you who disregard my warnings you will find the inhabitants to be quite strange and possibly hostile. The citizens of the sun's realm will generally have a brownish tone to the skin but don't be fooled. Its not a color from something healthy like dirt. The color is from them staying to long in the sun, what that, Oh the sun. Yes that right some of you might not know. The sun is another feature of the upper realms. For half the day it is up in the sky without roof. A giant ball of fire held there by who knows what forces. Anyway the brown color of the people up there come from the fact that being under the sun will actually cook the outer skin some. Truly a horrible thing and yet the inhabitants seem not to notice! Another danger of the sun's realm is also from the sky though closer then the sun itself. They have and odd phenomenon called "weather". This weather is the change in conditions from the norm. Down here the temperature may change a little every once in a while but up there the temperature may change so much in a year that it goes from freezing to burning! Even worse is the storms. A storm is when water falls from the sky. Called rain this is actually the way most of the upper realms get their water believe it or not. Even stranger is that when it gets freezing then a white substance called "snow" will fall. Though it looks it not this is actually frozen water and quite dangerous if you are not dressed warm enough. Overall its best just to leave the sun's realm to itself and stay where we are. Safer that way."

An excerpt from an adventuring thief's journal of an overheard conversation where an unidentified monster is teaching its children about the Outdoors.

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