Friday, April 22, 2011

S is for Star Wars

   I decided on Star Wars because I have a slight rant against the newer trilogy. I have nothing against the movie quality and believe that on their own they are quite good. My problem is with the fact that they occur at the wrong time in the Star Wars history.

   My favorite stories in the Star Wars universe are the books during and after the original trilogy up until just before the Yuuzhan Vong show up. I like the that occur during that period of time more then anything and the newer trilogy totally throws a lot of it to the wayside by accident really. The New Republic is always having trouble with deep set prejudice and clashes with the remnants of the Empire. That kind of stuff doesn't just happen in the amount of time that occurs between the supposed start of the Empire and the original movies.

   How many years are there between episode 3 and 4 you ask? Well episode 3 occurs at 19BBY and episode 4 occurs at 0BBY so that would mean 19 years. That would mean that the supposed "Evil Empire" was nothing. How did this blip on the radar manage to develop so many secret super weapons and create such a hateful environment as seen in the books? Better yet how did the Empire manage to wipe out almost every Jedi barring a few in such a short amount of time! That is not even enough time to build all the neat ships from the original trilogy let alone all the massive numbers of wayward fleets from the books. Entire races are enslaved and people are made to accept this without a word and yet by the time scale there should be people who still lived when everything was peaceful.

   Also even if Palpatine did manage to get the senate how in the world did he manage to crush everyone so well that a rebellion needed to be made from rag-tag team of people? The rebellion should have been able to go to an unnumbered-able amount of worlds and hang up a recruitment sign and have half the world sign up by noon. The Empires biggest thing is that its anti non-humans. That is it is against most of the people that it controls. It would be impossible for that even just on earth let alone a whole galaxy. Even with all those clones running around its only an army.

    That is how I feel the new movies are wrong. They should have been farther in the past. If someone took over the world for 19 years and then was overthrown that would not be an Empire that would be a foot note in history. In a universe like Star Wars 19 years is a drop in the bucket especially when you consider that most races besides humans seem to live longer then us by default. The Old Republic lasted over 20 Million years. To finish this, the movies where good but they are not a part of my Star Wars timeline.

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