Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Everyone has one

   As I mentioned I have been reading a number of blogs lately and Everyone has a Dungeon they seem to be currently making or using that would fall under the term "Mega". That is right, the oh not so humble Megadungeon. I don't have a dungeon let alone one worthy of such a prestigious title.
   My world building desire conflicted with it and I felt that I needed where a dungeon was going before I made the dungeon and of course to properly place the where in a world was a great and wonderful thing. Of course with out anything to keep me even keel on such a "world spanning" project I barely managed to get anywhere.
   Not to say my world is in anyway bad or some such. What I have in my head for it is quite fine as is but its more set towards the traveling adventure party rather then the dungeon diving variety. It is a world meant for exploring and right now what I need is something I can just have people come along pick up an already made character and sit down to play.
   My world would work if I could get a group willing to to play old school and tromp around in my world on a regular basis but all the people that I know in real life who play D&D for the most part play either 2nd Edition AD&D or 3.5 D&D and don't have any desire to play a game based before AD&D.
   I believe though that I can manage to go to my local game shop and have pick up games. I barely need a town for that and in fact probably should barely have anything beyond the dungeon to start. No one is going to want to memorize stuff like what country they are in or who controls the next county over when they are just going to playing the one time. They want to sit down and get down to the dungeon proper.
   Basically all this is the long way around to saying I need to make a dungeon of great size and re-usability. I need something that I can run a thousand times with new players each time or any mix of people who have already been down into the depths and still have it be fun for everyone. I also want persistence so I can't just have a new dungeon every week. This means a Megadungeon, and not just any such place but one with a "first level" of immense size and a great number of entrances to all parts of it.
   I plan to start on it and post about it next week at some point. I will use Labyrinth Lord rules for the dungeon and use the process of creating it to better learn LL's rules.

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