Monday, May 16, 2011

In look of topics

   I am as the title may suggest in look of topics to talk about. My problem as always is not a lack of choices but a overabundance of choices. Just talking about D&D there are quite a few things I would want to say. If I take into account that I also technically include Programming and roguelike games into what I talk about here there is quite a few things to say.. I just need direction. On Friday I have my Megadungeon to do leaving Monday and Wednesday.
   Something I have been thinking of doing is basically been done to death in the OSR blogs. A cover to cover type thing. Of course I plan to do it on the free Labyrinth Lord rules and I don't think anyone has done that yet. People have reviewed it or supported it but never a cover to cover.
   Starting next Monday I will probably do that but it still leaves Wednesday. As such anyone who wants to can leave a comment and tell me stuff they would like to here about on Wednesday from now on. Of all the suggestions I will pick whatever sounds best.
   I may also at times review stuff  like I did with the book "Castle" and because I don't go out and see movies that often whenever I do see one in theater I will review them as well like I did with "Thor". I will try to keep the reviews somewhat in line with the three main topics of this blog.
   Also at some point I may inflict my artistic skills upon you all. I have had people say my drawings are not that bad but I don't think so. It may just be that growing up with a mom who was a professional artist/graphic designer might have warped my impressions of whats really good but I think I may just stay with my pessamistic out look for how good my art is till I get a few more opinions of it.

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