Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Labyrinth Lord Cover to Cover: Part 1, pages 1 to 3

For this series of posts I will be using the free PDF of the 
Labyrinth Lord rules that can be found Here at Goblinoid Games

   Seeing as I will be using the free and thus art free version I will only be able to comment on the actual content. Which now that I think about it will work out better then not for what I intend. This first post will be somewhat shorter then the ones to come seeing as its only about the first few pages to get them out of the way.

Page 1

   A mostly blank page but you can get a good feel for what is to come from what little text there is. It says near the bottom "Classic Fantasy Roleplaying Game of Labyrinths, Magic, and Monsters" which is exactly what I wanted from it so even though it has basically no art it is already pulling me in.

Page 2

   This page contains the Foreword and Acknowledgements. If you just skipped over the Foreword then I advise you to go back and read it. Dan Proctor was able to sum up a good number of ideas that are floating around in the OSR as well as putting into words what I feel a good retroclone should be. I was tempted to just quote the whole thing but that is not what I am here for so just a small quote will have to do, "This effort is meant to complement, not replace, the fine work that came before it. If Labyrinth Lord succeeds in being a good representative of old-school fantasy roleplaying, it only does so because it lies on a solid foundation. I cannot, and would not, pretend to take any of the credit."

Page 3

   The table of contents dwell here. Not as exciting as dragons maybe but I would like to complement them on the formatting that they used for it. Proper indentation allows you to find what you need. There is quite a number of entries that have the same page number as the one before it but I can see no way to remove that without removing the utility the table.

Once again you can find the rules Here at Goblinoid Games

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