Sunday, May 8, 2011

Interesting campaign development

   First I have learned a new and interesting meaning to halfway. You see it means that after 5 waves we are halfway and have x number of waves left where x is the number of waves it took to breach our wall. We still won the overall battle but what ever.

   The interesting development is that we are now not only going to be dungeon crawling but also playing a Risk like game. We currently control 4 areas on the map. Each area can in a amount of time that we just called a turn produce either a number of soldiers or an amount of gold. We also have a city that can train heros. A hero is basicly a PC we make and our current characters count as heros. Training a hero takes a turn for every 1000gp it costs. A basic first level hero costs 1000gp so takes only a single turn to make. You can furthur train a hero in a city that can train heros at the cost of new level times 1000 but the highest you can train a hero this way is our main characters level.
   In a Turn you can move as many soldiers or heros from their current area to an adjacent area on the map. In each area there are a number of dungeons with varing levels and if a hero is in the area they can instead of moving go and try to clear it. In this way heros can gain levels and basically act just like our main characters. This is also the only way to get a hero that is above our main characters highest level.
   A hero may lead an army and gives a bonus that is equal to Charisma mod divided by four plus the base attack bonus divided by three. The highest mod of all heros in the army is the one used. The Charisma part represents the ability to lead and the base attack bonus represents the knowledge needed to lead.
On the map we currently control Harwin, Campos Proelii, Peregre, and Nanum Protegamur. We have two first level heros and a third on next turn who are going to be spread out to provide their bonus to armies. We also have but do not control a powerfull mage hero in Nanum who once a day can make a portal between their and any other province we control allowing any number of troops to pass through and a 15th level hero who is a changling with that one class that lets you at the start of the day be whatever type of class you want who we also do not control but will be roving around as she wants. We can only currently make human heros because we only control a human city that can train heros though I think if we either take another races town or make friends with them we may be able to make them as well.
   Currently all of the main characters are in Peregre and doing a dungeon crawl in a Mad Mages Tower. Outside the tower had two gargoyles guarding it. Inside we only managed to clear the first room...   Literally as everything in it was an animated objects. Three chests, three candlesticks, and a table. The table had over 70 hp and hit quite hard. I see a theme going on here and believe that from now on before we touch anything in the tower its getting a nice flaming burst to the face.
   Of interesting note we had reached forth level and apparently the DM lets us have +2 to a stat every four levels instead of just +1 so I now have 20 wisdom.

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